Monday, August 18, 2008

Finally, a flower girl!

Since Taylor went to her 1st wedding (at least that she can remember) she has been saying how much she wanted to be a flower girl. She kept on and on about it :) I told her that I didn't have any friends who weren't already married so I wasn't sure she would ever get to be one. Well in October her wish will come true! My sister is marrying a wonderful guy named Chris and all 3 of the kids are going to be in the wedding :) Since this is my sister's 2nd wedding it is on a smaller scale. She isn't having attendants just 4 little flower girls and a ring bearer (that is Caleb's job). Last Friday we went and tried on dresses until we got the perfect one :)

Here is my beautiful Taylor finally getting to do something she has always wanted to do :)

Taylor's dress has an aqua sash while the other 2 little girls have chocolate brown sashes (Hope's colors are aqua and chocolate and if you know my sister this isn't a surprise as these colors dominate her decor at home)! Madison is wearing an aqua Strasburg and Caleb is wearing khaki pants with an aqua polo. All of the kids are going barefoot :) It is going to be so sweet!


Mommy to those Special Ks said...

How sweet!!! I think EVERY little girl should get to be a flower girl at least once! Kassidy was a flower girl when she was 2... Kennedy gets her chance in November. I can't wait!

Gabby said...

She is so pretty! Love the dress! Can't wait to see pictures!