Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Madison's 1st day of preschool!

Well Madison went to school toady and you would have thought she had been attending all her life :) She was so excited. Normally she is a bear before 9 am but this morning she woke up with a smile....she knew she was going to school. She ate her breakfast, we got her dressed and fixed her hair without any tears (which is an accomplishment since all those curls tangle so bad)!

Standing outside the school (she looks so tiny)!

Walking into school like such a big girl :)

When we got to school she wanted her backpack on her back and her lunch box in her hand (no help from mommy). She walked right into the building smiling the whole way in. I was thinking this is great, I hope she keeps this up. We got to her room where there were a few children crying and clinging and I thought "ok here it goes, surely she will start clinging to me now!" Well she didn't :(

She put her backpack and lunch box up with some help from Caleb since it is his old room and he knew the drill and marched into her room! I was shocked and hurt :( Okay a little sad but not hurt, I am so glad she wasn't crying b/c it would have been much harder to leave her if she was. I didn't even get a kiss and hug bye. I had to call her back to do those things. She came back and gave me a hug and kiss and told me she would see me later :( I didn't cry, I didn't even get teary eyed b/c I was so proud of her.

When I picked her up at 1:30, she was happy to see me and tell me about her day. I think she would have liked to stay and play some more though :) She can't wait until Thursday when she can go back to "her school"!

There are a 2 more posts if you scroll down a little...I typed them a few days ago but only today was able to add the pics of Caleb's 1st day and Taylor in her flower girl dress :) My computer is "working" at least for the moment :)


Sara said...

All your babies starting school and new schools is tough on momma!! So glad Madison had a good day and will be saying a prayer for you when Caleb starts going to Kindergarten full-time.

It is tough to let them grow up and be in the care of someone else. And as a mom, you want to be needed, so when your kiddos don't need you as much, it is a tough adjustment. I totally understand!!

Taylor looks beautiful in her bridesmaid dress!

Cindy said...

Oh yay!!! I'm so glad Madison's first day went so well! I thought about her today. She definitely looks thrilled to be there in the pictures. What a doll!

April said...

Alright. I cried while reading Caleb's Kindergarten post. I beamed at Taylor's post in her flower girl dress with a dream coming true. And I'm proud of Madison marching to preschool!

Hope your next few weeks go smoothly as you all transition. We'll keep on praying for all of the kids starting school! :)

Ginger said...

They surprise us don't they?? I am so glad she had a great day. Ryan went today too- no tears, nothing....
She looks precious in those pictures. Give her a big hug for me!
Taylor looks beautiful in that dress. I know she is so excited about the wedding. I still remember when I was a flower girl in my aunt and uncles wedding when I was 6. I wore a pink dress and thought it was the neatest thing ever!

Gabby said...

Awww!!! she is so happy! :) It is a sad day isn't it when they want to be on their own! Shelby wants to go to school so bad! she creid yesterday when we dropped Kelsey off for her second day! I told her we are going to try to get her in a preschool. Big mistake....she thought I meant right that minute! when we pulled up to the house!! more tears!!! "I want to go to preschool!!!!" I am like agghh!!!! I give up!! I will pray for you this next week and hope you do the same for me!! :)