Friday, August 1, 2008

11 Years!

Eleven years ago today I married my best friend! I knew from the 1st time we met in 9th grade that there was something special about him. He is so many things. When I think of the passage about love in 1 Corinthians I think about Matt, he embodies love (or at least in my eyes). He is so many things...christian, father, husband, brother, son and friend. When we started dating our senior year it didn't take long for me to realize that this is who I wanted to spend the rest of my life with (and to this day I have spent 1/2 of my life with him). We weren't the couple that everyone thought would last once school was over but we showed them :) I can't imagine anyone else by my side as I walk through this life! He is my best friend! These past 11 years have brought many things to our lives both good and bad. Our marriage is stronger than ever! I say this not to brag that we are the "perfect" couple b/c we aren't. It is just an huge accomplishment that I am extremely proud of since in today's world marriage isn't thought of that highly most of time.

Here we are in the beginning (our senior year of high school)

11 years ago (we look so young here)

And here we are today :)

While scrapbooking our life I found this quote that I just love

"Grow old with me! The best is yet to be..." Robert Browning

Matt, grow old with me! I love you more than I did 11 yrs ago. I am proud to say that you are my husband and the father of our 3 children. I look forward to spending 50+ more years with you by my side. I look forward to the things God has in store for us. I can't imagine spending my life with anyone else. I love you!


Mommy to those Special Ks said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! Praying for many more happy years to come! :)

Ginger said...

LOVE that picture of you two in high school! So cute!

Happy Anniversary!

Sara said...

Happy 11 years!!! I love all of your pictures.

April said...

Happy Anniversary! I, too, love all the pics of you two together. I hope your anniversary was a good one.

Paula Jennings said...

Happy Anniversary!! I remember going to your wedding!

Cindy said...

What a great post! I'm so glad you two are so happy together...what a blessing! I'll have to admit, I did a double-take on that high school picture...didn't recognize you guys under all that hair! So cute!

JenniferL. said...

I don't know how I am just now reading this post. I cannot believe it was 11 years ago, I remember it like it was yesterday! And you two do look so young in those pictures. How excited and anxious we were back then. Happy Anniversary! I love you two!

The Tomlinsons said...

Happy Aniversary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Now stop celebrating and come over to the house and help Amy and I (well Amy anyway) make our blog as awsome as yours. Except I do not want pictures of Matt all over ours. Take it easy Matt -just kidding Capt. Slim.