Thursday, January 6, 2011

Winter Wonderland

Yesterday we enjoyed one of the most beautiful snowfalls I have ever seen. It began snowing about 3:00 and just kept snowing. Sometimes the snowflakes would be huge. It snowed for about 4-5 hrs straight. Sometimes it would be snowing really hard and then would lighten up only to return to snowing hard. It was such a beautiful sight. And it totally caught me off guard. I didn't even know snow was in the forecast. I had been to work in my classroom that morning and then ran to a few stores and came out of Kroger to snow! Our church ended up canceling classes (though I had already decided not to go as our road was covered and for those who haven't seen our street we live at the top of a hill....not good when covered with snow). So we just sat inside watching the snow fall.

Taylor was praying it would stop b/c she was ready to go back to school and had a field trip on Friday that had been canceled and rescheduled due to the snow right before Christmas and has been canceled and rescheduled again due to this snow.

Caleb was praying it would keep snowing as he wasn't ready to have to get up early.

I was praying it would stop too (or at least not affect the roads) b/c Matt and I are leaving Friday morning for Memphis. He has drill and I am going to visit with my Grandmother who I haven't seen since my Granddaddy's funeral in October. I am going to take her to her house for a few days and then our plans are to go back to Memphis and pick Matt up and head back home Monday morning....bringing my Grandmother with us! She hasn't been here since I was pregnant with Taylor (11 yrs ago).

We ended up with 2 1/2 in of snow at our house and school was delayed an hour this morning and more snow is predicted for tonight (1-3 in). In fact snow is a possibility over the next few days here. As long as it stays off the roads I am ok with it b/c it was so beautiful! Snow is also in the forecast for Memphis Sunday night/Monday morning....praying it doesn't happen b/c I want to be able to come home Monday.

Here are some pictures of our backyard, front yard and side was beautiful! And this was only after about 2 hours.

Driving home..don't worry I was going really slow and there was nobody on the road but me

The view from our porch

Our backyard

Our walkway