Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The natives are restless!

We have been stuck at home most of the last 3 days and I was so happy to hear that the kids would be going back to school tomorrow (an hour late but I will take it). Our county has 8 snow days and today we used #6. That means we only have 2 more days to last us 3 more months of winter...makes me a little nervous! I don't need any days tacked on at the end since we just found out this past weekend that Matt will be leaving for Basic Training on March 22 and will graduate on May 20th. This means me and the kids will miss the last day and 1/2 of school. Luckily we have great teachers/bosses who totally understand.

I have spent the day searching airlines for tickets. Southwest seems to be my best bet (they offer good rates and nonstop flights)...I need Matt to check about the military discount though before I book. The kids are super excited about will be Caleb and Madison's first time.

My wonder MIL has already booked their timeshare for the weekend....we were so lucky that their timeshare had a resort there and had openings. Apparently, May is "peak" season for San Antonio. We are hoping to squeeze in a few fun things while there. Matt's parents will be traveling with us while my parents will not b/c my sister will have just had her baby.

The kids are handling Matt leaving really well. I think that they are as relieved as I am to know when he is leaving and when he is coming back. They were really excited that he would be coming home between Basic and Tech school as they won't be going to visit him while he is in CA but were a little bummed that he wouldn't be here for their birthdays...he won't even be able to talk with them on their birthdays :(