Monday, January 10, 2011

We just barely made it home!

This past weekend Matt and I headed off to Memphis...he had to report for drill and I was picking up my Grandmother to take her to her house for a couple of days. My Grandmother and I had a wonderful time visiting just the 2 of us. We took care of selling her car. We also had a chance to run by the cemetery and see my Grandfather's headstone which has been placed. It is a very pretty stone. I took a couple of picks since we don't get down there much but don't plan on posting them...just wanted to have them for me.

After carefully watching the weather we decided to go ahead and leave Memphis Sunday afternoon as soon as Matt was done with was a good thing. We left Memphis at 4:30 and the snow started about 6:00. We managed to get home and a couple of hours later the snow started. We are currently "snowed" in! The best part is my Grandmother is snowed in with us!!! We enjoyed doing nothing really today. The kids didn't even ask to play in the snow...I think they are tired of the snow plus our sled is at Nona's house. We did make some snow cream today....Caleb and Madison liked it while Taylor wasn't too impressed! Looks like we are in for more snow over the next few days...hoping it doesn't keep the kids home all week!

We were so happy to get Matt's leave date this weekend...he will be leaving for San Antonio, TX, on March 22. We are excited to have 2 more months of him home. We have a mini vacation planned in February and he will get to go with us. Also he will be here for the kids Spring Break. It does look like he will come home between Basic and Tech School. The kids and I will be going down for his graduation the end of May and they are excited that school will be out so maybe we can stay an extra day or two and sight-see :)


Cindy said...

So March 22 is the official day!! I know you guys must be full of emotions about him going. I'm so glad things are working out for him. I know it has been a long journey getting here.
Glad you made it back before all the snow with your grandmother.