Monday, January 3, 2011

Madison's New Hair-do

Madison got her hair cut today! She has been so excited about it and counting down the days. She (and me too) had gotten so tired of the tangles. The longer her hair gets the more tangles and the girl is so tender headed. It was causing everyone a ton of grief. She was very adamant that it be cut like Taylor's. We compromised with a short bob but no "stacking" in the back...too much maintanence. I love it and so does she! She keeps "poofing it up" which is hilarious!

Madison before

Madison after

I know it looks a little crooked here but it is b/c her head was tilted


Andrea said...

So cute, she looks a bit older too!

Cindy said...

Adorable, as always! My hair got tangled so easily when I was little, too, but my dad would never let me get it cut very short! I remember those combing-out days...tough!

Cindy said...

How cute!!!! Makes her blue eyes look even brighter! She is beautiful, like her sister (and brother, too!)
My girls need a good trim. Allison's is just getting long enough to trim and even up those ends from when she cut it herself way back in May!!
Did your sister-in-law cut it?

Sara said...

Very cute hair cut! Love it! Laura is growing hers out for "Locks of Love" so we are dealing with tangles for at least one more year! Long hair is much harder to maintain on kids!

Madison looks so grown up!

Ginger said...

Love it! She looks precious. I had a short bob like that when I was 5. I think short bobs look adorable on little girls. So glad you cut it.

Paula Jennings said...

So sute!