Thursday, November 4, 2010

Halloween 2010

The kids were really excited about Halloween. We always go to a Halloween Party at the Lain's house but this year it was moved to Hope and Chris' house. Madison was excited about "hopefully" seeing one of her school friends, Molly, who lives in Aunt Hope's neighborhood. The kids really didn't need anymore candy as they had already acquired a ton but off we went anyway!

Madison and Abby having a bite to eat before trick or treating

Taylor with the cake pops she and Aunt Hope made

Madison enjoying a cake pop! (look at those black teeth and lips)

A group shot

Getting some candy!

They loved getting to pick out which piece of candy they wanted!

Madison with her huge bag of heavy she had to carry it with both hands!

Taylor with her loot all neatly organized

Caleb with his candy stash also neatly organized!

Madison with her candy though not nearly as impressive as Caleb and Taylor's b/c she didn't do as much at Trunk or Treat b/c she wasn't feeling too hot :(


Cindy said...

Enjoyed seeing Dorian and Kym in those pictures. Looks like a perfect ending to a LONG Halloween week. I was really ready to get trick-or-treating over with Sunday evening. I loved all the fun, but it seemed to drag out for a long time for me. Even the girls got tired of wearing their costumes so many times.
Now if I could just get rid of all the candy.:)

Ginger said...

LOVE those cake pops!!!