Thursday, October 28, 2010

Trunk or Treats 2010

We had our church Trunk or Treat on Wednesday night and then tonight was Trunk or Treat at Taylor and Caleb's school....the kids already have enough candy to last a year! I think they made numerous rounds in the parking lot at church :) We weren't sure Madison would get to go since her colonoscopy and endoscopy were that morning. We left the hospital at 4 pm and were at church by 6 pm! There was no way Madison was going to let the other 2 go w/o her and I was kinda glad she felt up to it since their costumes went together. I think they looked great and am so glad that we matched them up....might be the last time they will let me "choose" their costumes. We bought Caleb's, borrowed Madison's and made Taylor's. We couldn't find a "Wendy" costume anywhere but lucky for me my mom can sew and she whipped one up in 2 days....thanks Nana!

My sweet kids as Wendy, Peter Pan and Tinkerbell

Caleb loves this game so it was 1st on his to-do-list!

Madison playing a game

Taylor looked so cute as Wendy!

Madison made a great Tinkerbell

My sweet boy


JenniferL. said...

those costumes are ADORABLE!!

Steve said...

Those are some great costumes! I like that they all had one theme.

Cindy said...

Your kids really did look great! I never did get to talk to you that night, and I wished I'd gotten a picture of your kids to include on my blog post. Great theme!

Ginger said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the costumes!! Tinkerbell is my favorite! I have been tinkerbell for many Halloweens!!

Sara said...

Love your themed costumes! So very cute!