Saturday, October 2, 2010

Fall Decorating!

I am loving the weather we have been having this past week! Summer is probably my favorite season b/c I love being in the pool, traveling with the kids, staying up later and sleeping in! But when it comes to decorating, I love fall! I love the colors and the textures that come with fall! I love crunchy leaves in all different colors. I love the acorns and hickory nuts that I can fill my vases with. I love fall fabrics though I never buy them...I just enjoy going to fabric stores and running my fingers through the fabrics. I love shopping for fall/winter clothes for the kids. The colors are fabulous, well at least for the girls! Lots of browns, oranges, reds in all kinds of prints in fabrics like suede and corduroy! It just screams fall. I love driving to the mountains and taking pictures. I love exploring some of the hiking trails. I love going to Dollywood b/c of all the beautiful decorations! I love driving up to Gatlinburg and getting Cherry or Strawberry Crepes at the Pancake Pantry!

I spent this week switching out kids clothes in their closets which means it will probably warm back up and be in the 90's for a few more weeks.

This morning the kids pulled on sweatshirts with their shorts to go play outside. I was able to enjoy my coffee alot more since it wasn't 100 degrees outside! I look forward to using our deck a lot more with the cooler weather....I see many Saturday mornings curled up out there with my coffee mug!

Yesterday we did some landscaping in the yard as it is finally bearable outside and we plan working on it some more today. We are working on sprucing up the stone path around the back of the house as well as working on the fort in the backyard. It is in serious need of maintenance :) It wasn't used for years so is a little rickety and needs some boards replaced. The kids haven't cared too much about it since it has been so hot! But they are asking to play on it now.

We are looking forward to Fall Break in a few big plans though. This time last year we were anxiously awaiting our trip to Disney! This year we are heading to Memphis to see my Grandparents. My Grandfather is in a nursing home and not doing to well. Maybe we will have some big plans for Christmas Break or Spring Break.

Sorry this wasn't the most exciting post....kuddos if you made it to the end. Just wanted to get down what is going on in our lives right now. This is my scrapbook right now as I have no time to actually scrapbook!