Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Women of Faith

This past weekend I was so thrilled to attend Women of Faith in Atlanta with about 30 other women from my church! I had not been going originally but a week before the event I received a phone call that someone had felt that I was supposed to go and had paid for my ticket and my room. I was beyond ecstatic! I counted down the days, knowing Thursday afternoon wasn't going to get here fast enough. We finally got on the road about 7:30 Thursday night! Once we got to Atlanta our roommates had already checked in so we just joined them in our room and sat up talking until we finally decided we had to go to bed or we weren't going to be able to enjoy the next day.

Friday we attended the pre-conference stuff which was beyond fabulous! I had a hard time deciding who was my favorite....I loved Patsi Clairmont and Andy Andrews! I don't even know how to describe it to you....you just have to go. Friday evening we were able to enjoy a short concert by Stephen Curtis Chapman and his 2 sons. We also heard MaryBeth Chapman talk about the loss of their daughter Maria. There wasn't a dry eye in the house.

Saturday was more wonderful talks by some great women and to top it off we got to hear Mandisa who was on American Idol a few years ago (she didn't win but is a fabulous singer). We also got to hear Anita Renfrow perform some of her hilarious retakes on songs. If you don't know who I am talking about head on over to youtube and look her up. (A Real) Love Story is my all-time favorite!

I was sad to see the conference come to an end. All ready very excited for next year! We ended our weekend by 24 of the 30 women having dinner together at Longhorns before getting on the road to head home.

Our preacher's wife has already purchased tickets for next year and I can't wait!


Andrea said...

I loved WoF. I think the A Real Love Story was my favorite thing. Did you have Nicole Johnson doing the dramas? I got Andy Andrews book, The Travelers Gift, it's like one big status update, full of gems. We cried a lot too :).