Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Weekend at The Wilderness

This past weekend we were able to enjoy going to The Wilderness Lodge again. This is one of the kids favorite places to go. We were excited b/c when we went in May the outside area wasn't open yet. This was the last weekend it was going to be open for the season so we jumped at the chance to go. We were happy to be able to take the Tomlinson's again as well as Amy's niece, Kaleigh! Taylor loves getting to hang out with Kaleigh whenever possible. The Lazy River outside was fabulous though a little chilly :)

The girls sporting puppy dog ears!

The lone "boy" of the group (unless you count Matt and Aaron)

Sweet Coy

Clara loved the wave pool

Taylor and Kaleigh loved the Lazy River

As did Aaron and Clara

And Caleb and Aaron

Madison and Coy enjoyed the slide in the kiddie area

Aaron reenacting a scene from Flashdance :)

All of us on the Lazy River

Coy "swimming"

Taylor and Kaleigh body surfing

Caleb, Madison, Clara and Coy posing for a cute picture!

We had a blast and can't wait to go back again!


Jill said...

Your weekends are sooo much more exciting than mine. Looks like fun!