Monday, September 20, 2010

Taylor's newly painted bedroom furniture!

Over the past week or so I have been working on spray painting Taylor's white wicker furniture a beautiful Rich Plum. At my sister's house Taylor has her own room (can you say spoiled) and my sister had painted a piece of wicker furniture this same color and it looked great so I decided to do all 3 of Taylor's pieces. It took many coats of paint and many trips to local Walmarts to purchase the paint. It must not be a very popular b/c I was only able to purchase 5 cans at one store and 3 at another. It wasn't enough to finish it....the white was really hard to cover, I had to spray both the outside and the inside of each drawer. While we were in Halls (the other side of Knoxville) for H2H I stopped in that Walmart and was able to snag 2 more cans :) Today I finished the nightstand. We got all 3 pieces back in her room this evening and it looks so good. The lighting wasn't the best so one of the pieces looks a little funny but in real life it looks great! Taylor is so pleased of her "new" furniture :) It looks great with her other furniture and her bedding! Her room definitely has that "tween" look to it!

The dresser

The nightstand

The headboard with her cute bedding!


Hope said...

It looks so so good! I love it.

Cindy said...

What a fun bedroom! I wouldn't have thought it would take that much paint...I'll bet you were surprised, too! Looks great!

Ginger said...

It really does look good, especially against the lighter color walls. Cute!

Gabby said...

The room looks great!!!