Monday, November 15, 2010

Sweet Friends

Caleb has been asking to have a friend over to awhile, specifically Will from church. So last week I arranged for Will to come over this afternoon. Today worked good for Cindy as she was having Bunco at her house so we also invited Sam to come over which made Madison happy. Caleb and Will spent most of their time in Caleb's room while Sam and Madison enjoyed bowling on the Wii (I wish I had gotten a picture of those 2 bowling).

Since the boys were going to be eating dinner with us I picked up the stuff to make individual pizzas. I couldn't help but grab the camera and take a picture of the 4 of them making their pizzas.

The finished pizzas (well before being cooked)...the 2 extra pizzas are Taylor's and her friend that was over.

I also quickly snapped this picture...the kids had finished their pizzas and Will and Sam decided to bowl a quick game on the Wii for Mike got their to pick them up.


Cindy said...

Neat post! Thanks again for having the boys over...they both counted it the highlight of their day!