Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

I had great plans to take lots of pictures of Thanksgiving this year since it was our first time to host here at the new house. Sadly, I didn't get very many as we were having too much fun talking and playing the Wii. Nona snapped a few but I didn't think to get them off her camera before she left.

The turkey before cooking (in case you are wondering the yellow stuff is melted butter)

The turkey after being cooked

Taylor and Kelsey playing the Wii

Caleb, Riley and Shelby watching Youtube videos

Friday afternoon Nona and I took all the kids to see Despicable Me at the $2 theater. It was such a cute movie! After wards we came back to the house and had pizza for dinner before all the kids went home with house sure is quiet!


Jill said...

looks like a great Thanksgiving. You are surely blessed with your wonderful hubby and kids!