Saturday, August 14, 2010

Madison's 5th Birthday

On August 3rd we finally celebrated Madison's birthday with a party at Jumpity Jump. She had been looking forward to this party since her 4th birthday :) We were so busy at the beginning of the summer and around her birthday with moving that we postponed it a few weeks. She had decided a few weeks before that she wanted an Ariel cake and we looked at a few stores but couldn't find one that we liked. Matt decided that he would just make one and got busy drawing up a plan. Madison enjoyed getting to invite some friends from school as well as our playgroup friends. Our playgroup friends have been getting together since the babies were born almost 5 years ago. Madison was so excited all day and couldn't wait until 4.

Madison before everyone got there

Tackling the climbing wall while wearing a tutu takes talent!

The birthday girl doing some bouncy

I thought this picture of Taylor and Allison was too cute

Taylor helping Coy go down the slide

Madison's Ariel cake

Trying to get a group shot of all 26 kids was interesting...this is the best one!

Madison being shy while everyone sang "Happy Birthday" to her


Cindy said...

Cute pictures of the birthday girl! Loved her tutu and birthday girl shirt. Matt did a great job on the Ariel cake. That's a sweet picture of Taylor and Allison. Taylor was so sweet with Allison when we got to the party, she came right up to Allison and took her off to show her around. When Allison would come over to me, Taylor would offer to take her off to play again!

Ginger said...

Sweet precious Madison! You were brave having 26 kids! Wow! We had 16 at Will's party and it was nuts. Love her outfit and cake. So fun.