Tuesday, August 17, 2010

1st Day of School

Well we survived the first day of school! The kids were so easy to get up and they got ready in record time! In fact, we had 15 minutes before we had to leave to catch the bus so I used that time to take many pictures but I will only bore you with a few :)

Taylor on her 1st day of 5th grade! Next year I will be sending her to middle school :(

Caleb on his 1st day of 2nd grade! Not certain when that happened.

Sweet siblings!

Running to get on the bus....they love riding the bus. I was excited b/c last year we were the only ones at our stop and this year there are 6 other kids!

Getting off the bus in the afternoon...I love that it picks up on our street about 6 houses up from us.

We had Open House last night at CBE. The kids were really excited to see who their teachers were and where their classes were. Taylor was really hoping to see some old faces from when she was there before. We also were excited to see Taylor's kindergarten and first grade teachers. We really have missed seeing them! I was thrilled to see that Caleb had the same teacher that Taylor had for 2nd grade...Ms Hullander :) Taylor has her 1st male teacher this year. And guess what....his name is Matthew Ayres! How funny is it that! There is only 1 letter difference in her teacher's name and her dad's name! He seems really nice and looks like he is going to be a fun teacher. He has traveled all over the world and enjoys incorporating his travel experiences with his teaching. This will be right up Taylor's alley :) We are really looking forward to this school year.

Madison was really sad that she couldn't go yet...she doesn't start until August 31st...she is getting some quality daddy time!


Andrea said...

Great pictures! Glad you had an easy morning.

April said...

Excellent pics! I'm impressed that yours were so easy to get up and out today. Not so at our house. ;)

Glad you are pleased with the teachers. Taylor's teacher's name being so similar to Matt's is crazy! What are the chances of that?!

Cindy said...

You really did get some great pictures! Your kids are sooo photogenic. Sounds like you all are happy to be back at CBE!!

Gabby said...

OMG that is so crazy ab her teachers name being so close!!!

Hope said...

Maybe Flo can tell the teacher how she plans on going to Paris for her 13th Bday with Aunt Hope?? Oh wait, you vetod that.....

Sara said...

Love the "back to school" pics. Taylor is looking so grown up!