Sunday, August 1, 2010

Hannah's 2nd Birthday!

Last weekend we drove to Cookeville to spend the day with Matt's family and celebrate our niece, Hannah's 2nd birthday! They are getting ready to go back to China on the 9th of August so it was nice to have everyone together one last time. Matt's sister and her family weren't able to join us but everyone else did and we had a blast! We celebrated with pizza and cake at the lake. Rachel and her mom had planned lots of neat games for the kids to play. After the party we stayed along with Don and Gabby and their kids and took a ride on the paddle boats. That was lots of fun even though it was really hot out on the lake...there was nobody else riding but us. Matt and I took Madison and Caleb, Corey and Riley got a boat together and Don took Taylor, Caleb and Kelsey. Looking back we should have know that wasn't very fair...Don had little help paddling the boat so he was tired and hot after the ride. Plus the boat was a little lopsided due to weight issues :) We got lots of laughs out of his boat! We went back to Rachel's parents house and enjoyed spending some time talking and loving on Hannah and Laura before they go home to China.

The birthday girl trying to knock off the cups with air from a balloon

Taylor's turn

"Orange You Glad I'm So Cute" me some Gymboree shirts!

Caleb giving it a try

Matt and Caleb trying to keep 3 balloons in the air using only their hands!

The sweet birthday girl!

Daniel aka "the baby whisperer" and Laura

Don's boat

Corey and Riley

Matt, I, Madison and Shelby