Saturday, May 8, 2010

Madison's New Hair-do!

We are enjoying some time with Matt's family in Crossville this weekend celebrating birthdays and Mother's Day. One thing we love about seeing them is the free haircuts Aunt Gabby gives! Madison's hair has been driving her crazy. It is getting so long and is constantly tangled. She is always having to push it out of her face. A few little girls in her class at preschool have cut their hair off lately and she decided she wanted to cut hers too. After having to fight with her every morning to brush out the tangles, I was all for cutting it! So Aunt Gabby pulled out the scissors and chopped it off! And we love it. It looks so cute on her petite little self. The only problem is that it may have affected her weight....I think she lost like 5 lbs :) LOL

Before Aunt Gabby started cutting

And after :)