Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Glade

We love getting away for a few days with Matt's family. All the cousins get along and play together so well. They live for these vacations together! This past weekend we got together at Fairfield Glade to celebrate Mother's Day as well as Caleb and Kelsey's 7th birthdays. We were excited that Daniel, Rachel and Hannah were going to be able to come down too. I had a gut feeling that Rachel who was due May 12th was going to have the baby on Mother's Day. I was right! They got to the Glade about 10:30 Saturday morning and Rachel's water broke about 2:30 so they headed back to Cookeville. After 19 hrs of labor we welcomed Laura Isabelle into our family :)

Madison playing on the playground

Matt and his mom, Nona

My baby boy on the day he turned 7!

The younger kids in the shower playing some game...they were disappointed once the shower was used and it was wet in there and they couldn't play in it anymore!

Caleb and Kelsey about to blow out their candles!