Friday, May 21, 2010

Caleb's Field Day

Wednesday I attended Caleb's Field Day. It was kinda sad since it was his last year at Farragut. I even forgot to get a picture of him with his teacher but we are going to swing by the school on Monday and snap a picture of him and Mrs Moore. I love watching my kids perform at Field Day every year....sadly Taylor's was on a Thursday so I wasn't able to attend hers this year :(

My sweet little boy!

Getting ready for the tug of war

Pulling with all his might!

The sack hop

The mascot, Finley, even made an appearance!


And the thing he is best at....running! He is super fast! He can not wait to run cross county in 3rd grade. His stride may be short but he makes up for it in speed!

I had a wonderful day with my little boy watching him in action!


Cindy said...

Field Days are always fun!!! Sounds like you have a track star in the making. Are you loving sleeping in the new house? I missed you guys today at church. I hope everything is going well in the new home.

Cindy said...

You got some great pictures! I always enjoyed Field Day, too. Will's school had more of a "Fun Day" type even both in K and 1st...but I look forward to those tug-of-wars and races to come! Way to go, Caleb!