Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Impromptu Trip to the Mountains!

A few days before school started we (Matt, the kids, Nana, Peepaw and I) made an impromptu trip over to Townsend to play in the river and have a picnic dinner. We just packed some sandwiches, chips and brownies, threw the kid's bathing suits on and off we went. We hadn't been over there in a while for the kids to play so they were excited!

When we got there the water was freezing! Seriously, Matt and I neither one got in. Madison wouldn't get more than her feet in. Taylor never got in past her knees while Caleb got in and swam all around. Now he did get in all the way on accident but once he fell in (and I do mean "fell in") he was happy to swim around. It was really deep where we were at. On the opposite side of the river was a huge rock bank jutting out of the mountain, there was a huge sign that said "no jumping" but of course there was this boy who looked about 12 and he jumped off numerous times! I couldn't believe he was doing that and of course Taylor and Caleb kept saying rather loudly "Mom, that sign says no jumping so why is that boy jumping?" I had to explain that people don't always follow the rules but that is a dangerous thing to do since it could lead to you getting hurt.

The kids even brought their butterfly nets and caught small little minnows....they got lots of joy out of that!

There were also some people tubing and the kids really wanted to give that a try. It has been awhile since we have done that so we are going to try and do it before the water gets much colder. Not sure Madison will be doing this with us since she didn't like the cold water.

We had a really good time and should try and do impromptu things like this more often.

Taylor and Caleb checking out the water

Madison testing the water :)

Caleb posing on a rock looking adorable!

Looking at the minnows they caught!

Caleb trying to catch minnows!

The girls catching minnows!

Posing for a group shot

What a cutie!


Allison said...

What precious children you have! And what a fun outing!! We tend to forget the mountains are so close by and don't go near as often as we should.

Cindy said...

Impromptu...I like it! You guys always have fun in the water. :)

Sara said...

Your kids looks so tan and blonde!