Monday, August 17, 2009

First Day of School

Today began a new round of first in our household. Things are definitely going to be different around here this school year. There are many changes going on in our home and they will be the source of many blog posts of the next few postings.

Due to all the construction on the road that Caleb's school is located on they are expecting major traffic delays. They told us at Caleb's "meet the teacher day" to expect an hour for dropping off and picking up your children if they were car riders (add that up and you get 2 hrs of sitting in a car and your child stuck waiting on a ride). Up to that point we had Caleb as a car rider and Taylor riding the bus again. Caleb was really disappointed that he couldn't ride the bus but we didn't think he was ready or big enough (he seems so tiny to us). After this new information we decided to let him try the bus as we can always switch it later in the school year. Taylor would be riding with him and had told us she would sit with him. This made me feel a little better as she always sits up front. We also have an awesome bus driver so I felt even a little better. Caleb was so excited.

Sunday night as I tucked the kids into bed I talked with Caleb about what a big step he was making in the riding the bus. As I laid in his bed next to him I couldn't help but start crying at how big my baby boy was getting :( He just looked at me and wanted to know why I was crying. I told him I was sad that he was growing up and wasn't my baby anymore.....he promptly reassured me that be would always be my baby :) He just melts my heart sometimes! I told him that he had made his mommy very happy. We also talked about not getting in trouble. This was a problem last year as he is social and active (all BOY) and sometimes wasn't able to be quite or still. I told him that I would pray for him to have a wonderful day at school every night when I prayed. He loved that idea, guess he didn't realize I pray for him already since he is asleep when I do my praying. He wanted to know if I would still pray for him even if he got into trouble....I reassured him that I would :)

The kids were so excited Monday morning and hopped out of bed. They dressed and ate with such speed! They were ready to go 10 minutes early. Finally it was time to go and as we pulled out of the driveway I saw the bus pull off! I was thinking "oh no, we missed the bus on the first day"! Luckily we were able to catch them 3 stops later and put the kids on. We have the same bus driver and she was laughing at my dilemma....picture me in my pj's running up to the bus with 2 kids in tow after Matt has screeched to a halt behind the bus :) Ok, so he didn't screech! She informed me that due to the road construction the bus was going to be running they tell me! All is well though. Caleb got to school and did great! He even got on the right bus when school was over :) This part had me worried as he gets on before Taylor and I was afraid that he wouldn't remember his bus number with all the other things he had to remember.

Hopefully tomorrow we won't miss the bus and I can get a picture of him getting on the bus for the 1st time (we will just keep this morning's incident between me and my blog readers).

Here are the kids this morning before leaving

My beautiful baby girl!

My sweet little boy!

So proud of them


Hope said...

How cute - they match! He'll do fine on the bus, he can take care of himself!

Cindy said...

What beautiful children!! I can not imagine having to sit for an hour to drop off and pick up your child!! What a nightmare! How can they even start school on time with kids arriving either really early or really late! I feel for you guys having to go through that. I guess the buses have to sit through that traffic also. Ughhh!!
They are doing work on Pleasant Ridge Rd. by our house and I was worried about getting Lauren to school on time, but we made it fine.
Did Madison start school today? Ruth Ann told me she was going Tues. and Thurs. I hadn't talked to you in such a long time, I still thought she was going MWF.

Ginger said...

At least he has Taylor to sit with on the bus. I won't send Will on the bus yet b/c I don't want him to be "alone" !!

Jill said...

Love this post! What a sweet little boy Caleb is! I laughed out loud visualizing you chasing after the bus in your p.j.'s. Hope your new job at the preschool is going well. Can't wait to read all about it!