Saturday, August 1, 2009

Fun times with "the cousins"!

A few weeks ago Matt's brother, Don, and his family came and visited for a few days. We love it when we get to visit with them. We always have so much fun and all 8 kids get along so well. Madison always refers to them as "the cousins".

We decided to head down to World's Fair Park since the kids and I had accompanied a friend and her boys to World's Fair Park a few weeks ago and had wonderful time.

Taylor, Haley and Kelsey


Not certain why boys enjoy having water shoot up their trunks :)

Shelby trying to warm up...the fountains were cold!

Caleb warming up

Madison being silly

All of the gang...what cuties they are!


Cindy said...

I love that group shot of all of the cousins! Great one! (And you know, we probably don't really want to know about the boys and the swim trunks, do we? Ha!)

Cindy said...

Your kids are so blessed to have lots of cousins their ages! Lauren and Allison don't have that, which makes me a little sad! They only have one first cousin, Parker who will be 3 in October. I can just imagine all the excitement at your house when they are all there together. What fun!

Ginger said...

Cousins are so fun! That is one great reason for us to be back in Nashville- our 2 cousins, David and Dawson. Our 4 boys are so close, I just love it. Great pictures! I wish the fountains had been there when we lived in Knoxville.

angier said...

Looks like so much fun! Cousins are the best, especially when they get along so well. I love it when our whole crew gets together. It's crazy but so much fun. Glad yall had a good time!