Thursday, August 6, 2009

Amy's 40th Birthday

Matt's sister, Amy, turned 40 a few weeks ago and her husband threw her a "surprise" birthday bash. She caught on a few days before when her husband filled their fridge with 25 lbs of meat that he was going to smoke. She wasn't really excited about turning fact she had asked us to not "celebrate" her 40th, well we didn't listen. There ended up being about 40 people there including family and friends. We had a wonderful time eating and visiting. It was a beautiful, cool evening which was great since the party was held outdoors in their big backyard. The cousins (all 10 of them) had a great time playing together and being pulled around the yard in the lawnmower/trailer :)

Caleb, Taylor and Kelsey getting a ride

Don and Gabby (he had surgery on his vertabrae the week before)

Everyone getting some yummy food!

Some of the kiddos watching Amy open her cards/presents :)

These 2 teenagers played with Madison and Shelby most of the afternoon

At the end of the evening all the kids got to sit and then ride in Amy's mom (Matt and Amy have different moms and share the same dad) yellow corvette! It was the "icing on the cake" so to speak.

Caleb taking Kelsey for a drive :)

Taylor getting to sit behind the wheel

I love this picture of Caleb coming back from taking a ride (I realize he isn't buckled in however she only took him down the street and their subdivision isn't completed yet so there isn't much traffic on their street)

Madison and Shelby on their ride

Haley and Allison taking a ride

My almost 15 yr old nephew even got to drive it....he was so happy!


Ginger said...

oooh- I love the yellow corvette! How cool that the kids got to take a ride. Sounds like you guys had fun :)