Saturday, July 11, 2009

Swim Lessons for Taylor and Caleb

Taylor and Caleb have been taking swim lessons last week and this week down at UT (thanks for Cindy for telling us about them) and loving it. The first day Caleb and Taylor were both in level 5/6. This turned out to be a little too much for Caleb as he was having to swim laps on a huge pool with kids ages 9-11. He just couldn't keep up so his teacher moved him to her other class. He is a little more advanced than the other kids in that class but his teacher says it is because he has access to a pool and swims everyday.

At the end of their first lesson they were given the option do jump off the diving board. They have a low dive (a few feet above the water) and a high dive (15 ft above the water). We asked the kids if they wanted to do the high dive and they did. Taylor went up first and hesitated a few minutes before jumping right off. Then it was Caleb's turn, he didn't hesitate at all....walked to the end of the board and jumped right off! I was so proud of him. He came out of the water smiling and saying how much he fun that was. His teacher was so impressed since the other kids in level 5/6 were older than him. She said she had never had a kid who was 6 to go off the high dive on the first day :)

Taylor jumping off the high dive

Caleb going off the high dive!

Caleb working on floating

Taylor right after going off the high dive

Caleb working on diving off the low dive..gotta work on his form :)


angier said...

Little daredevils! :)
I really need to put my kids into swim lessons!

JenniferL. said...

I so wish we had somewhere close with a high dive like that. I would love for Kaitlyn to be on a diving team. There is one at camp and she said she was going to go off of it, we shall see.