Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Fun times at VBS

All 3 of the kids were able to enjoy 2 wonderful VBS's this year, one that was huge and the other a little smaller. The kids love everything about VBS from the songs, crafts, making new friends, and of course the snacks :)

Madison sitting with her class

Caleb and his friend Will singing with their class

Caleb with Jungle Jim and King Jake

Madison going down the giant slide!

Caleb going down the slide!

Caleb enjoying some yummy desserts at the closing ceremony :)

Madison enjoying some yummy cotton candy..this was a first!

Caleb, Will and Sam waiting to jump in the bouncy thing (notice the display of brotherly love between Sam and Will)


Cindy said...

I love the picture of Caleb with Jungle Jim and Jake! That is a great shot! I wish I'd known about it at the time, although I doubt my boys would've had anything to do with them! :)

Melanie said...

Carter really enjoyed VBS too! Thank you so much for telling me about it. Hopefully next year we will be able to make it to the closing ceremony too!

Cindy said...

Looks like all your kiddos enjoyed the VBS. Love the pictures of Caleb and Madison enjoying some yummy sweets! They are both such cuties. Was that at the Farragut VBS or at Matt's parents' church? Don't you just love everything about summer!?

Jill said...

So fun! Gotta love VBS! Your kids are soooo adorable! Love the new pic of the kids at the opening of the blog!

Ginger said...

Very cute pictures! Will is going to VBS next week with a friend. I hope he likes it. He did the Cedar Springs VBS last summer before we moved and loved it.

Holly Aytes said...

Cindy, Madison wouldn't pose with them though she did smile and wave at them :)
Cindy, this one was Farragut's VBS. I still need to blog about the other one b/c I got some good pictures from that one too.
Ginger, we had planned on doing Cedar Springs but it was the same week as Farragut's. If we did Farragut's Madison could go so we picked that one. Plus Will and Sam were going to be going to Farragut's as well.