Thursday, July 16, 2009

Madison's Swim Lessons

Madison is also taking swim lessons at UT though hers are private. Taylor and Caleb's teacher is also teaching Madison. Madison swims like a fish if she has floaties on, she will even run and jump in but you take those floaties off and it is a whole nother story :) Her teacher won't let her wear floaties (in fact they aren't allowed at UT's pools). Madison had her first lesson last Friday and will have another this Friday. She did really good....took her a minute to get used to being in the water with no floaties but she is getting the hang of it. The fact that she loves her teacher is a huge plus! We haven't been letting her wear them as much but when she wants to jump in the deep end we have her wear them. Here are a few pictures from her first lesson :)

Her teacher tied a noodle around her to help her keep afloat without compromising her ability to "scoop" her arms. Madison loved it!


Cindy said...

I loved the pictures of Caleb and Taylor on the high dive on your last post. And Madison looks so sweet in these pictures. My girls do not like to go under water yet! They both love the water, but like Madison, they like their swimmies.