Friday, July 17, 2009

Madison's 4th Birthday

A few weeks ago Madison turned 4. We celebrated low key with a birthday cake at lunch with the a few of the cousins, Nana, Peepaw, and Rachel at the Glade. Then once we got home to Knoxville we had dinner at El Mezcal with Pops and Nana. And then if was off to their house to open a their present. We are planning on celebrating in style with a Chuck E Cheese party in a few weeks once everything has calmed down and everyone that she wants to invite is going to be able to come.

My big birthday girl....I can't believe she is 4

Every little girl needs a tutu :)

Getting ready to "open" her birthday present from Nana and Pops

She was so excited!

Look at that smile :)

All she wanted was a "tiny bike". She was so happy to get it!


Ginger said...

Oh, I LOVE that picture of her sitting on the bike smiling in her pink tu-tu! That is classic. Happy Birthday, Madison! What a precious girl :)

Allison said...

I can't believe she is 4 either!! It feels like yesterday I was teaching her in the 2s class!! And that bike is awesome:)

Sara said...

Precious pink tu-tu pictures! Madison is precious!

Jill said...

I love the pic of you unveiling the new bike. That is just precious! She was a beautiful bday girl...tutu and all!

Cindy said...

How can she be 4 already!?!! I love her face when she sees the "tiny" bike!! Sounds like she has enjoyed several birthday celebrations this year. We may be branching out to the friend party this year. We've always had just family parties so far...but now that she has been to several friend parties, I don't think we can get away with just the family this year.:)

Cindy said...

So sweet, that Madison! I, too, love the tu-tu! And wearing it while riding the bike is priceless...great pictures!