Wednesday, December 22, 2010

December Craziness!

I can't believe Christmas is in just a few days! I haven't finished my shopping yet and I have to get on that b/c we are having Christmas with my family on Friday morning.

Tonight we have our Candlelight Service and Nativity Play. All 3 kids have parts...Taylor is Gabrielle, Caleb is Joseph and Madison is an angel in the choir. Matt had joked that we should let Caleb watch Vince Vaughn's performance of Joseph in Four Christmas'...I don't! Last week during practice Caleb was leaning on the manger and I was just picturing the manger flipping over and baby Jesus flying through the air :) Praying that doesn't happen tonight.

The girls both have strep right now but aren't contagious anymore. We are praying that Caleb doesn't get it (or me).

Caleb had PJ day and they watched The Polar Express on Monday at school. Since I am room mom I got together popcorn and hot chocolate as a snack for them to have while watching the movie. Matt helped me and we had a fun morning with Caleb at school.

Matt and I (along with Amy and Aaron) spent last weekend in the mountains. We enjoyed doing absolutely nothing. We just sat around watching movies most of the time. We did venture over to the clubhouse and sat in the hot tub for awhile and then enjoyed playing some pool. We won 1st game and Amy and Aaron won the 2nd game. After checking out Sunday morning we enjoyed lunch at Olive Garden and then went to Dollywood. We enjoyed seeing a couple of shows and just walking around without kids. It was pretty cold though so we only stayed a few hours.

Amy telling Aaron to look at the camera...we were joking that we normally are saying "everyone smile" or "look at the camera" for most pictures :)

Matt and I looking puffy in our layers!

Now school is out for a few weeks and I am looking forward to sleeping in a little and just hanging out with the kids and Matt. We are still waiting on a date for Matt to leave for Basic. We had hoped to know before Christmas but the offices on Base are closed until Jan 5th so we will have to wait :( I am planning to go with Matt to Memphis for his drill next month and am looking forward to seeing the new base. I remember the Base out in Millington but they have moved out to the airport.


Sara said...

So Matt will be stationed in Millington? One of my very best friends husband is in the Navy Band and he is at the Millington base. He would be an awesome contact for Matt-- a solid Christian man.

Holly Aytes said...

Actually there is no military stationed in Millington. The have some offices there but all drill are done at the new base out by the Airport. Matt actually will be "stationed" at the new base. His training will be in TX and CA though for 6 months. We were hoping for the east coast but oh well.