Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Eve with the Beavers

We celebrated Christmas with Hope and Chris Christmas Eve morning. Matt had to work that afternoon and they wanted to get to Nashville before the bad weather that was predicted hit. We opened presents and then had brunch before going back and opening our stockings. We have a tradition where everyone buys a gift of no more than $10 for each person and then each person has 8 small gifts to open. It is so much fun! The kids were very happy with their gifts and so were the adults I believe. For the record, there are pictures of Hope and Chris but I am not allowed to post them b/c Hope got hot and took her sweater off and was just wearing a tank top :) They were there though.

Mario Cart for his DS

A remote controlled helicopter

Taylor got lots of new clothes

Madison got Jessie boots

Stars War for his DS

Madison's #1 requested gift was the American Girl doll Kit...she got it!

All Taylor wanted was her own laptop...she got it!

Stormy got a new sweater...she looks so cute!