Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Day 2010

Christmas morning the kids slept until almost 9:00...I love my kids! Madison was the first one up and I made her wait to come into the living room until I woke up the other 2...I like everyone to see the Santa set-up at the same time. The kids loved Santas' gifts!

Santa left a charging station with 2 more Wii remotes and 4 new games! Love how Santa "hid" the games on the took the kids a few minutes to find them :)

Santa was nice enough to set our remotes out to charge..even the 2 we already had

The tree with all the gifts!

Taylor's docking station for her Ipod

Caleb's art kit and sketch books

Madison's pillow pet and Leapster game

Mario Cart for the Wii....with 3 wheels so all 3 kids can play at the same time!

Caleb was so excited about his stuffed Wall-E

Taylor was excited about her Jessie doll too!

Madison got Squinkees (and I have stepped on them too many times already)!

We enjoyed breakfast with both sets of Grandparents. Then the kids spent the afternoon playing Mario Cart on the Wii. Dinner at our house that evening consisted of steaks, shrimp, baked potatoes and salad followed with pecan pie and cheesecake for dessert. Matt had to stand in the snow and grill our steaks! And to top it off right after he lit the grill and put the steaks on the grill went out! Luckily the 24 hr Walgreens 2 minutes from our house sells propane refills so Matt ran down and got one so we could finish our steaks...there is nothing like steak cooked on the grill!

There is only one word...dedication!


Cindy said...

I love the sweet face of Taylor in the picture with her Jessie doll. All the pictures are great. Way to go Matt for braving the snowy weather to get those steaks cooked!! Love the games Santa hid in the tree. What a clever idea.

Ginger said...

JohnWill grilled steaks in the snow the other night too! It was one of the best steaks I've ever had too! Glad you guys had a great Christmas. You got some really cute pictures.