Saturday, January 9, 2010

Snow Day!

I was so excited...I really thought we were going to be a big snow but unfortunately we got mostly ice :( The kids didn't care though...they were just glad to be out of school! Taylor had gone home with a friend from school and we had to go pick her up. We ended up bringing her friend, Clara, home with us to spend the night since they didn't have school. Friday morning the girls were ready to head out to play. After bundling up since it was like 4 degrees with the wind chill they enjoyed sledding down the hills and making snow angels. Caleb and Madison joined them but not for long as they got cold. I only snapped a few pictures and got none of Caleb :(

Madison went down the hill in her cozy coupe car!

Pushing the car back up the hill to do it again

Clara and Taylor sledding

Madison making a snow angel

Taylor making a snow angel


Cindy said...

We did not brave to cold and ice! Bill took the girls out for just a little while yesterday for the first time and most of the snow was gone. They were so cold after just a while, but they got to enjoy eating a few bites of "dirty" snow!:)
Cute pictures of your "angels"!

Sara said...

We had a snow day last week. I don't do snow, but Jim and Laura enjoyed it. Grant was not so crazy about it!!