Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Day

Christmas Day the kids woke up to find that Santa had not only left a Wii but also had left a bell from his sleigh for each child. They have watched The Polar Express so many times that they were very excited about their bells. The Wii was a huge hit. Matt got it hooked up as soon as we were done opening gifts and the kids have enjoyed playing it numerous times throughout each day. Taylor is really getting good and has moved to "pro" level on quite a few games. They especially love the bowling and carnival games. Taylor and Caleb also received their own electric throws! These were a huge hit too as they are always wanting to use mine. They also each got a new Christmas themed singing animal to add to our collection.

Looking at their bells. Santa even left red pouches to keep the bells in. Each bell has "Believe" painted on it.

Checking out the Wii and the extra game Santa left.

Taylor with her sledding polar bear

Madison got some domino's.

Caleb got walkie-talkies. He was so excited and he and Taylor have used them daily.

Caleb got a snowman that sings "Let It Snow" and hardly put it down all day :)

Madison got a new soft blanket and was thrilled that it was "pokey nots"!


JenniferL. said...

Santa brought Kaitlyn and Kyle a Wii but we have yet to even hook it up. It is on the agenda for tomorrow. We did go to Target tonight and the kids spent some of their Christmas money to each buy a game because Santa didn't bring any extra games for us.

Hope said...

I am glad they like the Arcade games. I was getting frustrated with it on Xmas eve!

Ginger said...

We got a Wii too! It has been a huge hit. Everyone loves it. Did you get the Wii Fit? It is awesome and worth every penny. I am actually sore from doing it the past 3 days! JW and Will have been playing Mario Kart non-stop. It is hilarious. Glad you guys had a good Christmas :)

Cindy said...

I love the picture at the top of your blog! Your children are so beautiful. Glad your Christmas was a great one. Looking forward to seeing you soon.