Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Stockings

After we opened the big presents and ate we got back to the serious work of more opening. Each person ends up with 8 "stocking stuffers" to open so it takes a little time. Some of us are more refined in our opening (Taylor and Madison) while some (Caleb) just like to rip the packages open as quickly as possible and see what is inside. Madison also has to inspect each gift carefully and thank the giver of the gift :)

A few of Madison's money, her favorite candy and some body wash.

Caleb's gifts included a root beer mug of his own and a new t-shirt.

Funky knee-socks, digital camera and new purse were some of Taylor's stocking gifts.

Chris's stocking consisted of gifts cards and socks :)

NaNa got quite a few snowman accessories....she loves snowmen. Caleb picked out this ornament for her all by himself, he was so proud.

Sadly, there were no pictures taken of me, Matt, Hope or Pops opening our stockings...I believe the photographer took a break.


Dallas said...

Holly, we are in WinterPark, CO. this is our first time to ski here. We have been to several resorts in CO before. I think pretty much all the resorts have the childcare option, but kids as young as 3 can do lessons. the lessons are a MUST if you have never been or if your kids have never been. I am amazed at how much Nora learned today! We love to ski but don't get to very often because of the's not cheap! But totally worth it! Lots of good memories are made!

JenniferL. said...

I thought the rule was less than $10, where did you get a digital camera for less than $10??

Hope said...

Thank goodness the photographer took a break before my turn!

Holly Aytes said...

Jennifer the camera came from Walmart and was $10. it isn't the best but works for what Taylor needs it for and if it gets lost or broken we are only our $10.

Cindy said...

How big are those stockings? Hee hee. :)

Holly Aytes said...

Cindy, the stockings are actually just piles of presents. We used to have large gift bags but over the years they have torn up and now there are only a couple of them left so we don't use them any more.