Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Quality Time With "the cousins"

The first weekend in January we traveled to Nashville to spend the weekend with Matt's brother, sister-in-law and their 5 kids. We always enjoy spending time with them as all the kids get along so well. Plus we enjoy the same kinds of things....movies, staying up playing games and just talking! The kids couldn't wait to get there and they immediately began playing like they saw each other all the time. We also celebrated with them our last Christmas. My kids were so thrilled with their gifts! Taylor got a lava lamp, Caleb got Hulk and Captain America costumes and Madison got Supergirl and Dorthy costumes.

Let the opening begin!

Taylor and her groovy lava lamp!

Madison as Supergirl!

Caleb as the Hulk!

Three sweet little girls ready for bed :)

Caleb and Riley ready for bed

This picture is a little fuzzy but I love the look on Madison's face.


Allison said...

Your kids are absolutely precious. I always love your banner pictures(I think that's what they are called...the pic at the top of your blog). Looks like a fun time!!

Gabby said...

HAHA!! Love that last pic!

Cindy said...

That must be so much fun to have all of those cousins to play with! What great memories they are building!

Cindy said...

I agree with Cindy, what fun to have so many cousins! My poor little girls just have one first cousin to play with! We love him, but I would love for them to have lots of cousins! Did those three girls actually go to sleep together? Lauren and Allison have been asking to sleep together and we're going to let them try it on a Friday night. We put them in the same room a while back and they didn't sleep! We tried it for two weeks and then gave up and moved them back to separate rooms. I'm kind of excited to see if we can get them to sleep if we put them in the same room. I think it would be sweet!