Saturday, November 14, 2009

Typhoon Lagoon

Day 3 was our day at the water park, Typhoon Lagoon. It ended up being the coolest day that we had while there. Luckily though the water is heated to 82 degrees that day and it wasn't too cool, only 76. It ended up being the best day to go b/c with the cooler weather the park wasn't very crowded. We didn't have to wait in any lines to ride the slides. The kids all had their favorite areas in the park. Taylor loved the wave pool which produced 7 ft waves every few minutes. Caleb enjoyed the water slides. He rode his very first "body slide" and loved it! Madison loved the kiddie area. It had little water slides and lots of sprinklers. It was a perfect area for her.

The kids at front of the park.

Water shot out of the top of this ship every 10-15 minutes.

Matt and Taylor wading out to the deep part of the wave pool to await the waves.

Caleb going down the slide.

Madison going down the slide.

Matt, Taylor and Caleb coming down the "family" slide.

Taylo and Caleb going down Mayday Falls.

Madison going down a little river in Ketchakiddie Creek

The huge waves in the wave pool

Taylor, Matt and Caleb going down the body slides.


Cindy said...

More fun, I see. I love Madison's ponytails! Cutie!