Sunday, November 8, 2009

Animal Kingdom Part 1

Animal Kingdom was on the agenda for day 2 at Disney! We were really excited about Animal Kingdom....the safari and Mount Everest were 2 things we really couldn't wait to experience. Mount Everest is a roller coaster that everyone said was a must. There was also a dinosaur area that Caleb was super excited about as well as the Kali River Rapids which is a raft ride. Madison wasn't tall enough for Kali River Rapids so Nana and Peepaw sat out this ride. We talked my dad and Matt's mom into riding though and they got soaked! Had there been a wet shirt/pants contest they would have tied for 1st place! They had water dripping off them. The funny thing was we saw all these people getting off in ponchos and we kept saying "you can't get that wet", boy were we wrong! NaNa and Pops were such good sports!

We also knew that Animal Kingdom was a great place to see lots of characters and since it isn't as big of a park we were told the lines wouldn't be as bad...people were right, the lines for characters was super short. I think the longest we waited was maybe 10 minutes max!

Winnie the Pooh



This huge tree called "The Tree of Life" has all these neat carvings in it!

Chip and Dale

Donald Duck

Minnie Mouse

Mickey Mouse

Mount Everest...very cool roller coaster!

The kids got their faces painted!

Taylor chose Tinkerbell

Madison wanted Tinkerbell too!

Caleb wanted a dinosaur :)

My sweet girls!


Cindy said...

Those are the coolest face paintings I've ever seen! Good choices.

I don't remember having to wait in line for character autographs when I went to Disneyworld as a kid. Maybe I just don't recall...or maybe things have changed! No...surely not. :)

Sara said...

We also got tons of character autographs at Animal Kingdom with no lines! It was great!

We only spent about 1/2 a day at Animal Kingdom and we did the Safari jeep ride. It was fun to see the animals and the driver was pretty funny!

Ginger said...

Wow- you guys got to see tons of characters there! Love how they were dressed in the safari clothes. I hope Part 1 means there is a Part 2 :)

Cindy said...

I have had so much fun looking at your pictures from your trip! You guys really saw a lot in your time there.
I look forward to my girls first trip (whenever that may be). Allison naps too well for me to start interrupting that time just yet! Since Lauren quit napping at 2, I am doing everything I can to keep Allison on her schedule! Maybe sometime next year we'll get a chance to go. My parents have a timeshare there in Orlando, so we have a place to stay when we decide to go. I don't think that will be as fun as staying on the property, but we'll manage!

April said...

I love all the pictures, especially the one of Madison and Taylor together with their faces painted. Adorable picture!!!