Sunday, November 22, 2009

Magic Kingdom Day 2

Day 2 at Magic Kingdom was all about character signatures and riding our favorite rides again. The kids loved Pirates of The Caribbean, It's A Small World, and Peter Pan's Flight so we rode those again along with a few new rides.

Madison was all about seeing the Princess's. She was most excited about seeing Ariel as that is her favorite princess. We headed off to The Hall of Fame and found Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Belle, Tinkerbell and Rosetta. Caleb was hoping that the Beast would be walking around but he is only in the parades. Caleb wanted to find Woody and Buzz. Unfortunately we were never able to find Buzz but we did find Woody and he had Jessie with him :) He was also hoping to find Mr Incredible but we didn't find him either. The princess's are always in the same place but most of the other characters are just scattered throughout different parts of the parks so it makes it a little harder to find them.

Taylor and Ariel

Madison and Ariel

Taylor and Sleeping Beauty

Madison and Sleeping Beauty

Madison with Cinderella

Taylor and Cinderella

Caleb and Belle....loved the look on his face! This is the only Princess signature he got.

Taylor with Belle

Madison with this sweet picture!

The girls with Tinkerbell

The girls with Rosetta

Madison with Woody and Jessie

Caleb with Woody and Jessie

Taylor with Woody and Jessie

At the end of the day Madison was pooped and fell asleep in the stroller :)


Sara said...

Wowser on Ariel and the seashell shot! We only got to see her in the Ariel show at Universal. Laura has a picture with the same Belle!!

Ginger said...

Love the pictures! Love Caleb and Belle! Tinkerbell is cute too!