Friday, September 18, 2009

Pops 74th Birthday!

Sunday night we celebrated Pops 74th birthday. His actual birthday was on the 7th but not everyone was here so we had to postpone his celebration. We gathered at Hope and Chris's to grill out. After dinner we had yummy birthday cake and Pops opened his presents. We had such a good time. I am so proud to have Pops as my dad! He is a really special guy and I hope we get to enjoy many more birthdays with him :)

Pops with his checkerboard birthday cake!

Pops, Taylor and Caleb

Opening gifts....he got new UT lounge pants!

And a new Tennesse t-shirt so he can support his team in style and comfort :)

Caleb being silly and giving Pops bunny ears!

Madison trying to give Pops bunny ears, notice she is holding 4 fingers up.

The kids being silly and Taylor giving Pops reindeer antlers :)

Me and my sweet little boy!


Allison said...

Love all the fun TN gear he got for his bday!! Looked like a fun party!

Hope said...

Can you put these pics on snapfish please? I need to make copies for my scrapbook! Thx.