Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Caleb's 1st Boy Scout Meeting

Last night Caleb attended his first Boy Scout meeting. He was so excited! He got off the school bus and was ready to go....he had to wait a few hours though! This is the only extracurricular activity that he has shown any interest in and he has talked about nothing else for months :) He was really excited when he found out that he would be a Tiger Cub!

Matt was especially excited as he was very involved in scouting growing up....he is an Eagle Scout. I am looking for a picture of him in his uniform and am going to post it but haven't found one yet.

The Boy Scouts are a little different than the Girl Scouts so there are new things so learn. He starts off his journey with a fund raiser that starts on Monday so if you live in Knoxville and want to buy popcorn just let us know :) LOL

Here he is looking very cute in his uniform!

Here I am with my "Tiger Cub"!


Sara said...

I did not know Matt was an Eagle Scout! Wow! I am sure he is loving Caleb falling his footsteps.

Cindy said...

Caleb looks so proud...sounds like a good fit for him!

I can't believe he starts out with a fundraiser! That stinks. That's one thing I'm dreading about scouts with Will, too. His first meeting is Tuesday. He's excited, I think. I'm actually a little overwhelmed...once a week...not sure about this!

Ginger said...

I think it is great that Caleb is doing Scouts. Very impressive that Matt is an Eagle Scout!
Do they have to be in 1st grade to start Cub Scouts? Cindy- once a week?? Wow- I have heard around here it is just once a month.
I think my Will would love doing scouts.

Holly Aytes said...

Ginger, cub scouts start in 1st grade. the girl scouts have the daisy's for kindergarten girls but the boy scouts don't have anything. we meet every monday and then the last monday of the month they have a big meeting where they get their patches. Matt is going to be in charge of going to scouts b/c you have to stay with them the whole time. that is 1 thing different about girl/boy scouts.