Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Dollywood with the Tomlinson's

We had the opportunity to take some friends to Dollywood for free but we had to do it before the end of September. We had put it off until the last minute because we couldn't get a weekend when everyone was here and could go. Finally we went this weekend. Taylor wanted to bring a friend so Kaleigh came up from Cleveland to go with us. Her sister, Cassie, also came up. We had a great time walking around the park and letting the kids play. It was a beautiful day to go...sunny but cool with a nice breeze. We got there when they opened at 10 and didn't leave until they closed at 6. We were busy every minute of that time.

Caleb loves driving the cars

Aaron and Clara driving the cars

The view from the back of the train where we were sitting

Taylor and Kaleigh

Posing by the locomotive

The boys (Matt and Aaron) shooting people riding River Battle :)

Trying for a cute picture in the eagle's nest

The little kids love the Lumberjack playground area


April said...

Looks like a great trip with a LOT of kids! I love the picture you got of the train. Neat perspective!

Cindy said...

I'm glad it stopped raining so you guys could go. Looks like a beautiful day! Can't believe all the kids made it from 10:00 until 6:00!! I don't even think I could make it that long....especially with kids in tow! But then again, I am old!:)

thebuzzardbunch.blogspot.com said...

Dollywood looks like a blast. Wish we lived closer to it b/c Mackenzie would LOVE it! Glad the weather worked out! And, by the way, love the new BLOG background. I was lucky to figure out how to get a background on mine, I don't think I will be changing it anytime soon...only b/c I don't know how! Ha! Trying to convince Jeremy to let me pay for a blog makeover for Christmas or my birthday! :)