Friday, January 30, 2009

How we put Caleb to bed :)

One night Matt was playing around and wrapped Caleb up like a taco at bedtime. Caleb loved it! He now asked to be wrapped like this every night. He doesn't stay wrapped up all night however it works just like swaddling a baby does...he is asleep within minutes with no talking or playing. It is great :)


April said...

Now that is adorable! Caleb swaddled in a Lightening McQueen blanket...perfect picture. We wrap our kids up like that in towels after bathtime and call them our burrito babies! Caleb makes a cute taco. Keep him "little" as long as you can! ;)

Sara said...

Laura likes to be wrapped up after a bath as a tortilla. Hilarious picture!

Cindy said...

How funny is that? Quite funny!!! So Disney is a go, eh? How exciting! We're thinking of planning a trip of our own...we've recently gotten "connections" with an old college friend who works for Disney! We'll see what happens!