Thursday, January 1, 2009

Christmas Part 2

Here it is January 1, 2009 and I am still posting Christmas stuff. I still have 1 more Christmas post to do as well as post about the other things (Dollywood, visiting w/ Daniel, Rachel and Hannah one more time, celebrating Matt's birthday) we have been up to over these holidays.

Christmas morning was slow to get started which was lovely. Madison woke up first about 8:00 but came and crawled into our bed and we were able to snuggle down and enjoy some more sleep, I was thankful for that as we were up pretty late w/ some assembly (Santa didn't bring any thing that needed assembly but the Spiderman track Caleb received from Aunt Hope and Uncle Chris took quite a bit of time to assembly (this thing is huge and loud, it has earned a permanent home in the garage). .

The Spiderman Track

We had discussed w/ the kids that we were scaling back this year for Christmas (not that you could tell by looking at all the presents under the tree) so they had only ask for a few items from Santa. He brought each of them 1 gift plus he stuffed their stockings quite full. About 9:15 the Caleb and Madison both woke up so we roused Taylor and headed into the living room to see what Santa brought.

Madison got a chair w/ Tinkerbell on it!

Caleb got a Nerf gun and real guitar (no picture of the gun though)

All 3 kids got new robes (and I got one too!)

Madison and I showing off our new robes (mine is "pokey knotted" as Madison calls them and Madison's is Tinkerbell)

Taylor got a art easel and tons of art supplies, somehow there are no pictures of this though. I think we got so caught up we forgot to take many pictures Christmas morning. She also got some new education books and a few books from a new girls christian series she is just starting.

Caleb and Curious George


Sara said...

9:15 on Christmas morning..your family rocks for sleeping in! I hope one day Laura and Grant will be late risers!