Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Almost done!

Here it is the 7th day of January 2009 and I still have pictures to post of 2008. This will be the last one (well except for a New Year's Eve post). The last Sunday of 2008 was spent in Cookeville celebrating Matt and Daniel's 32nd birthdays together. They hadn't celebrated their birthday together in years so we thought they should since they are "womb mates"...hehehe! With them having been in China for the last 5 yrs it has posed a problem for celebrating together as you can imagine (thank goodness for Skype where we can at least see them).

Daniel, Rachel and Hannah were scheduled to leave on Tuesday for China so it was also a last visit w/ them until spring 2011 :(

We drove down Sunday morning and spent the entire day w/ them just talking, laughing, eating, playing some Wii, and also some crying.

The kids have played the Wii but this was a first for Matt, NaNa, Peepaw and myself! We had so much fun and have got to get one of those (but not right now).

Daniel playing the Wii

Taylor had a blast!

NaNa getting in on the action

Caleb loves playing the Wii and is really good at bowling :)

Caleb, Hannah and Madison watching a Praise Baby dvd

Caleb was talking to Hannah here and it was super sweet!


Cindy said...

Spring 2011...that's a long time between visits! No wonder you're so sad! Maybe some day you'll get to visit them that even allowable??? Who knows?