Monday, September 22, 2008

The Zoo

Since having computer problems and taking a new position as "chauffeur", blogging has been a little harder to do and therefore I am behind on our happenings. I have enjoyed having some alone time with Madison lately. We have Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays to do things just the 2 of us. Some days we just spend our time at home playing. She loves getting me all to herself :) She has been my grocery-shopping sidekick. We have started our Christmas shopping. We have just enjoyed being together.

A few weeks ago we enjoyed spending the day with Amy, Clara and Coy. We played at their house for a little while before heading to the zoo for a few hours. We hadn't been to the zoo in almost a year. Madison really enjoyed herself though. She liked seeing the animals. They were really active since it wasn't too hot yet. The elephants were out with their trainers performing some "tricks".

Inside the butterfly exhibit

The elephants were working with their trainers.

Elephant kneeling (ignore the pile of poop)!

Looking inside the elephant's mouth!

Madison posing for the camera :)

The giraffe

The meerkats happen to be one of my favorite animals. They are always to playful. This one kept raising his head up like he was seeing if anyone was looking at him :)

The king of the jungle.

Trying to get the girls to pose over by Chimp Ridge..they wouldn't :(

Madison being silly :)

This chimp was laying next to the glass just watching everyone "watching" him :)

Then we went and played over in Kids Cove. The girls had a blast in the water and there was hardly anyone else over there.

Sweet Clara!

Madison wanted to walk on the lily pads which made me so nervous. I was afraid she would slip and hit her head :(

Sitting long enough for a picture

Clara even posed for the camera :)

Madison loved covering up the "sprayer" on this frog. She thought it was too funny (not sure why she thought this was so funny).


Sara said...

You got some really good close-ups of the animals...looks like a good day at the zoo.

Love Taylor's new look minus her front tooth!!

Paula Jennings said...

Looks like you had fun.

BTW...I am not coming back to your blog till you remove that ear piercing fight song. :) :) :)

April said...

You did get some good pics. I took the kids yesterday afternoon to the zoo while David got some things done in the yard in peace! We had a blast, and like you said, there were very few people there. Perfect! I still haven't uploaded our camera yet to see what pics I got yesterday. We should go to the zoo together sometime.