Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Days of Our Lives

As I stated in my last blog entry, I haven't blogged as much lately since we have been having computer issues. Sometimes the computer cooperates and lets me blog and other times it won't. It is in a good mood tonight so I am going to play "catch-up".

Two weekends ago Daniel, Rachel and Hannah came for a visit. We enjoyed getting to see them and to love on Hannah. Rachel's brother and SIL drove over from Maryville on Sunday for lunch so we also got to visit with them. Hannah is such a sweetie and a great baby. She is feisty which reminds me of Madison :)

I got this sweet picture of Caleb looking at and talking to Hannah :)

We spent last weekend at The Glade in Crossville with Aaron, Amy and Coy. We drove over to Cookeville on Saturday and meet Daniel, Rachel and Hannah for lunch here....

We spent the next few hours (just kidding) polishing off a few hundred shrimp. We enjoyed all you can eat shrimp and some great "fellowship".


and after...


Amy enjoying her all you can eat shrimp

Daniel (notice the "crazy eyes", we think this is due to the large quantity of shrimp he consumed)

Matt enjoying his shrimp

There are no pictures of me eating shrimp for a couple of reasons A) I didn't want any evidence of how many shrimp I managed to consume and B) I held Coy and let Amy and Aaron enjoy their meal :) I remember the days of eating and holding a baby and sometimes it is nice to eat without holding someone. I didn't mind, Coy is a sweet baby. This is what she looked like most of the weekend

Taylor had her 2nd Cross Country meet this past Tuesday. She did really well especially considering that she had spent Thursday through Sunday running a fever of anywhere from 101 to 103 and feeling pretty lousy. She wasn't able to run the whole thing b/c she was still a little weak and she had developed a bad cough that hindered her breathing. We told her that she didn't have to compete but she would have none of that. She only has 1 more meet and then the Championship.

Here she is finishing the meet

And posing with Caleb after the race

Lately Madison has been wanting to wear Caleb's pj's. Not sure why but she loves them. When they get home from school they immediately put on pj's and get to playing. Here she is sporting Lighting McQueen jammies and pink, princess house shoes (I am praying her fashion taste gets better) while acting silly :)


Gabby said...

LOL! She is such a cutie!!! So funny how she loves his pj's! :)

Cindy said...

That is funny about the cozy, though!

Sara said...

That is great that Taylor is enjoying cross country. Running is about my least favorite activities!!!