Monday, September 15, 2008

Dollywood with The Tomlinson's

A few Sundays ago we enjoyed a trip to Dollywood with our friends the Tomlinson's. The kids of course had a ball and we adults also had some fun.

Clara LOVED the carousel so much that she had to be pried from it (I see Dollywood season tickets for this family in their future)!

Coy also enjoyed a ride on the carousel :)

I think Aaron enjoyed the carousel, don't you :)

Madison and Daddy



Clara also enjoyed the Flying Elephant ride. I rode with Clara while Madison rode with Amy. This was a miracle in itself as Madison will only ride with me normally. I of course got a picture of Amy and Madison riding but not one of me and Clara :( I think Amy might have one on her camera though.

Taylor on the Flying Elephants

Clara also rode the Lemon Twist with her Daddy. You can't even see Clara and Aaron is blurry b/c they were on the other side of the ride and we were spinning :)

Caleb and Matt rode together.

The girls riding the Lemon Twist!

And this is what Amy did most of the day...sitting in a shady spot feeding Coy :)

I didn't get a picture b/c I was busy with the 4 little ones but Amy, Aaron, Matt and Taylor went and rode Thunderhead. Coy was kinda sleeping while Clara, Madison and Caleb enjoyed the Little Lumberjack playground (sadly the water area was closed due to a broken pump). I have no pictures of them playing b/c I was trying to keep up with the 3 mobile ones while holding Coy :)

We also enjoyed the sprinkler area in Dolly's Dreamland Forest :)

The girls "manning" the water guns.

Caleb had just "busted" while running across the slick platform in the treehouse :) He wasn't even bothered got right up, continued running and did it again. You can't tell that boy anything sometimes :)

Taylor and Caleb "manning" the guns.

Aaron had to carry Clara a little bit until she warmed up to it. The water shoots out of the ground and she kept looking over a hole when the water would disappear and then it would reappear and shoot her in the face!

Amy, Aaron and Clara took a ride on the Ferris Wheel while Coy was sleeping.

Matt and Caleb also went but Taylor won't ride it (says she is afraid of heights but yet will ride roller coasters that go upside down and at speeds on 50 mph). I think it is the fact that the ride is so slow and the cars sway pretty bad. Clara loved it though :)


Sara said...

It looks like a nice hot day! We always loved going to Dollywood. There is something fun for everyone!!

April said...

Looks like you all had a wonderful time. I'm glad you were able to share that day with special friends. :)