Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Madison Goes To Kindergarten!

Well my baby girl has finally started Kindergarten. I knew this time was coming and thought I would handle it well especially with Madison being the 3rd child. I didn't do well....I cried before I even got her dropped off at her room on her 1st day :( Madison on the other hand was super excited! She was very disappointed that she only got to go 2 days for the 1st two weeks. She didn't think it was fair that Taylor and Caleb got to go while she had to stay home. She was thrilled when August 29th rolled around and she was going to be going everyday. She likes her teacher though was disappointed that she didn't get Ms Schaefer (Taylor's kindergarten teacher). We are extremely happy with Ms Joiner though! Madison is adjusting well....she is so tired in the evenings and that has made for some early bedtimes lately but overall is doing well. Last week she did inform me that "she wanted to go back to preschool b/c all she did was sit at her desk and work in Kindergarten and that it was no fun! The 1st full week of school I walked her to her room every day. Week 2 meant dropping the kids off in the drop-line and Caleb would be walking her to her room. She wasn't real thrilled with that idea but I thought it would be best to go ahead and start that or Madison would have me walking her to her class the rest of the school year :) Caleb was excited to be the big brother and be responsible for walking Madison to her class. Madison on her 1st full day of Kindergarten

Big Brother proud to be watching out for his little sister


Cindy said...

That is such a good pic of the two of them! Sweet siblings!

Notsopc said...

The youngest one is the hardest I think.. Caleb seems to be getting taller. Don't know if it's just because he's next to Madison..

Sara said...

Caleb looks so protective of Madison! I bet she loves have her big brother walk her to class everyday. Very sweet!