Sunday, August 21, 2011

Safety City

Our Children's Ministry intern, Erica, and her sister Heidi coordinated a church day at Safety City a few weeks before school started. This is a really neat is set up as a small version of Knoxville complete with some landmarks (SunSphere). The kids "drive" around the city obeying the rules of the road (stop lights/red lights). We had never been there as a family or as just a fun thing to do. Both Taylor and Caleb had been to this place on field trips through school. It was a really hot day even though we went pretty early. We meet quite a few families from church. The kids had a great time. I snapped a few pictures as the kids went by the covered pavilion that the mom's stayed under trying to stay cool.

Allison and Madison

Lauren stopped at a red light

Madison and Clara


Cooling off with the misters


Cindy said...

I loved Safety City. I think it is such a shame that it is not open more in the spring and fall when it's cooler. I love your pictures. Can't believe I didn't have my camera. Love your pictures.